DevalVR viewers    (latest version )

  System License

DevalVR player (Unicode)    download ( )  

Unicode version of standalone DevalVR player. It works in all Windows Systems except Windows98 and Windows NT. 

All texts shown in this viewer are managed like UCS-2 (2-byte Universal Character Set). This player is better to work with texts, folders and filenames written in any language.

XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 freeware

DevalVR player (ANSI)         download (

The basic version of standalone DevalVR player. It works in all Windows Systems. All texts shown in the viewer are managed like UTF-8 and are converted to the local system language.

NOTE: This version is used only for compatibility with Windows 98 and Windows NT.

all Windows freeware

DevalVR Packer tool license

This tool is included as trial feature in DevalVR player.

You need a license key to use this tool without restrictions or visible trial messages.

all Windows



  DevalVR plugins    (latest version )

  System License

DevalVR plugin installer program (

This url downloads the installer of browser plugin. The program downloaded depends of the browser. They exist four different installers, for Internet Explorer and for Mozilla/compatible browsers, both programs exist in normal and Unicode version.

all Windows freeware

DevalVR plugin installation page ( )

This url can be used to install the plugin through the browser.

all Windows freeware


  Developer helpers

  System License

QTVR Viewer - WordPress plugin      Plugin page

This is plugin for WordPress to insert a QTVR viewer into an article of a blog

See the plugin in the WordPress repository 


Windows/Mac freeware

detectvr Javascript functions      download  (1.5 MB) 

Javascript code to detect all panoramic viewers installed in local system and to show the correct viewer to minimize plugins installations. These functions work with most important viewers, like DevalVR, QuickTime, Java, etc.
See latest version changelog here

Windows/Mac/Linux freeware

DevalVR Netscape/Firefox/Opera plugin 
(override QuickTime version)  Plugin installer ( )  

This is the installer program of DevalVR plugin for Netscape, Firefox and Opera browsers that override QT player. QTVR mimetype will be managed to open DevalVR in these browsers. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin can be useful for developers, to open DevalVR instead of QuickTime in all QT pages on Windows systems where QuickTime does not work correctly, like Windows XP x64. This is not a version for all users, because not all MOV files are suported by DevalVR.

all Windows freeware



Videopanoramas camera     


Videopanoramas camera is a device with multiple image sensors to capture single pictures or videos with 360 degrees of field of view.