DevalVR - scripts programming

There is a way to configure DevalVR plugin (and standalone player) to create interactive contents. These contents are defined by means of configuration files (script files). These files are simple text files with structures and instructions that DevalVR recognizes and executes.

To create a script file, create a new text file and write all configuration structures that you need. Then, open this script file with DevalVR plugin or standalone player.

NOTE: The script file can have the .TXT extension, but you can rename it to .DVL extension (the default DevalVR extension). Anyway, some web servers have problems to download files with not-standard extensions, so you can keep the .TXT entension for the script file if you have problems.


The script structure.

The basic structure of a script file is composed by Objects, with this syntax:

Between parentheses, the name of the object, followed by the symbol '{' and to finish the symbol '}'. The object name is case sensitive and some characters are not allowed as spaces, parentheses or '{','}'

Every object can define a panoramic image or other things explained further.


Object instructions.

The instructions are the sentences used to define the object. These sentences must be written between the symbols '{' and '}' of the object.

The instrucctions are defined with the syntax:


IMPORTANT: The instruction sentences always finish with '; ' character.

Example of script with one object and several instructions:


Some instructions has several values, in these cases, the values must be separated by commas ','

The decimal point for float numbers are defined by caracter '.' (point)

The numerical values can be defined in hexadecimal, beginning by '#'

This is the complete list of instructions: DevalVR script instructions


Object types.

The first instruction in a object ALWAYS must be the "TYPE" instruction.

There is one principal object type, the DVL type. This object represents a panoramic image, it is a .MOV or .DVL file. A DVL file is a panoramic image in DevalVR native format, you can use MOV files in all cases.

These are another object types that can be created:

TYPE= MOV                Panoramic images (QTVR files)
TYPE=PANORAMIC     Panoramic images (JPEG files) 
TYPE= AERIAL            Aerial images (JPEG files) 
TYPE=IMAGE             2D Images or animations
TYPE= MENU              Menus (obsolete, use BUTTON instructions instead of MENU)
TYPE= LINK                Links to web pages
TYPE= INCLUDE         To define common instructions

NOTE: The first object in a script file ALWAYS must be a MOV or PANORAMIC object. This is the first content loaded in the viewer.