Space mirrors

Recently a new feature was added to DevalVR viewer to show the 360 panoramic images taken with a one-shot lens directly, without any processing. An one-shot lens basically is a spherical mirror, so this feature can be used to show like a panorama an image reflected in any spherical mirror, like for example the helmet of an astronaut ;-)

The next examples use some images of NASA Space Shuttle Gallery to create the panoramas. These panoramas have a field of view of about 220 degrees (this value is not very exact, because the sphere is not full in all cases):


Field of view
of the panorama

The resultant image is a panorama that shows the environment from a point of view very similar to the astronaut when the image was taken. Anyway, the projection is not perfect, because the helmet is not a perfect sphere, but the panorama gives a good approach of astronaut's point of view.

To see the panoramas you need the latest version of DevalVR plugin (300 KB) . Sorry Mac and Linux users, the plugin is only available for Windows at this moment.

Click in any image to see the panorama: 


Images NASA Space Shuttle Gallery