DevalVR example - One-shot lens

Sample image by Pano-pro™ lens -  

This example demonstrates how to load an one-shot panorama directly with DevalVR. The script instruction MIRRORCONFIG is used to define some special values for these "donut" images obtained with a one-shot lens. This instruction has the next syntax:

MIRRORCONFIG= X coordinate of center, Y coordinate of center, outer radius, inner radius, hidden outer FOV, hidden inner FOV ;

The first four parameters are defined in pixels, see the image below:

The latest two parameters of MIRRORCONFIG instruction are defined in degrees. "Hidden FOV " is the vertical field of view that it isn't visible with the mirror, in the top and the bottom of the image. If the whole sphere is visible (but this is not possible with mirror lenses) these values should be 0, if not, these values must be "90 - visible FOV above horizon" and "90 - visible FOV below horizon".

For this example a "Pano-pro" lens was used, this lens has a vertical fov of 145 degrees, 69 above and 76 below horizon, so the hidden FOV values must be 90-69= 21 degrees in the top, and 90-76= 14 degrees in the bottom.

Script file for this example:


Download this example here (1 MB). To see this example in local mode download DevalVR player